Welcome back to conference season!

Events and Exhibitions

May 3, 2022

Spring has arrived!  The desolation of the winter landscape has been replaced by a myriad of colour, energy, freshness and vigour.  The welcome return of spring is also heralding the return of another season, which for the insurance industry, is equally welcome.

Conferences and conventions have been noticeably absent for the past few years.  Indeed, it’s become something of a cliché to say that the pandemic changed everything:  cancellations, lockdowns and video conferences have defined the way the insurance industry has evolved over the last 36 months.

Now, finally, just like the natural world, the industry’s conference season is reawakening from its enforced slumber.

The next big event is BIBA.  As the first event in the UK calendar, this is billed as the largest annual conference and exhibition for the insurance broking industry.  It takes place at Manchester Central on May 11-12.

And Brandformula will, once again, be at the centre of the hive of activity.  As a company, we’re about creating visibility and reach.  And we’re coming to Manchester having already created a buzz for our clients at Amrae, the Bermuda Risk Summit and RIMS.

For both days, we’ll be leading the charge to promote the valuable insight, work and ethics of our clients.  We’ve helped to design and build many of the stands in the main exhibition hall.  We’ve put an extra emphasis on ensuring the sustainable nature of our stands, as we firmly believe in ensuring that our clients voices are heard, but that their footprints leave no lasting impact.

We’ll be offering filming and recording opportunities to help people reach bigger audiences.  Video remains one of the most effective ways to promote a message.  For audiences, video and audio clips are among the most reliable and trusted sources of information.  We can help you to spread the word, either by visiting your stand, arranging individual interviews, or providing colour, interest and spectacle.  For more information, please contact our colleague, James Howard.

Of course, social media is a major trend.  The power of platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to explain a philosophy or launch a new insurance product line cannot be underestimated.  At Brandformula, we have years of experience of crafting posts that create interest and excitement.  From surfing the latest trends to setting the agenda, we’re ready to help you make the most of your message.  Come and talk to us about your social media messaging needs – please contact Elliot Krieger to learn more about making the right mark.

Naturally, we’re also looking to help the next big success story.  Brandformula is ready to help in a world where:

  • agility, adaptability and evolution are the names of the game
  • image and brand are crucial to establishing reputation
  • being heard over the hubbub is the way to win new customers and business

Come and talk to team who are ready to bring attention, immediacy and clarity to your message.  For more information you can directly contact our CEO, Martin Wiggins.