RIMS Canada Conference – Wrap up from Martin Wiggins 

Events and Exhibitions

September 18, 2023

On September 11-14, Martin Wiggins and the team attended the RIMS Canada Conference, in Ottawa – the second largest annual risk management conference in the world.  

RIMS Canada hosted key industry expert speakers, encouraging panel discussions and educational sessions from risk management specialists. There was a great turnout of experienced risk professionals, eager to learn more about everyday solutions to the challenges they face in their roles. RIMS Canada served as the perfect platform to discover new products and tools designed to streamline their work and boost efficiency. 

One of the key issues discussed during RIMS Canada included cyber threats and the future of artificial intelligence, providing techniques and language to build common ground and reduce overall cyber risk.  

The ever-pressing matter of climate change was addressed too. The conversation revolved around understanding climate-related risks and their impact on business operations, and how organisations need to integrate climate change mitigation strategies into their risk management practices. Each topic provided attendees with a fresh understanding of the current risk landscape and how to navigate it.  

Other issues included supply chain management, balance of costs and coverage, the impact of inflation and ESG considerations. 

To sum it up, RIMS Canada Conference 2023 was an incredible opportunity to dive deep into the world of risk management, meet with our clients, connect with industry leaders, and gain a collection of tools and knowledge to face future challenges head-on. Here’s to the next event, RISKWORLD in San Diego next year!