FERMA TV is back! 

Events and Exhibitions

April 15, 2024

The countdown has begun for one of the most anticipated events in the risk management industry: the FERMA Forum 2024, set to take place in Madrid from October 20th to 22nd. brandformula is excited to be collaborating on “FERMA TV” once again this year, offering a huge range of bespoke video services to conference attendees.  

This year marks FERMA’s 50th anniversary under the theme “Join the Risk Revolution.” This year’s event holds particular significance as it coincides with a pivotal moment globally. With over 40 national elections, including those in Europe in June, geopolitical turbulence and concerns over AI-driven misinformation, global anxieties loom large. Attendees can expect a dynamic forum that delves into the complexities of risk management in the modern era.  

However, the significance of FERMA Forum extends beyond its physical location, thanks to the accessibility and shareability of video content, which has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to communicate insights and influence audiences globally. Videos provoke a stronger emotional reaction than either text or images, and with the rise of social media it is more important than ever to capitalise on this powerful tool. With FERMA TV, attendees can expect comprehensive coverage, including interviews with industry leaders and thought-provoking discussions captured in high-quality video format. We equip attendees to extend their reach far beyond the conference venue, amplifying their voices and contributing to meaningful discussions on a global scale. 

Typhaine Beauperin, CEO of FERMA emphasised the collaborative effort with brandformula to enrich the experience of conference attendees. “We’re excited to renew our collaboration with brandformula for FERMA TV. Stay tuned for exclusive coverage and in-depth conversations with speakers, industry leaders and experts that will elevate your FERMA Forum experience!”, Typhanie stated, promising quality content that will enrich understanding of key risk management issues. 

Echoing Typhanie’s sentiments, Martin Wiggins, Managing Director of brandformula, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming event, highlighting the importance of the FERMA Forum in addressing industry challenges. He commented: “We love working with FERMA to help support them at their bi-annual event, and we’re looking forward to Madrid later this year. Powering FERMA TV gives us a chance to provide a platform for experts and opinion makers from across the industry to share their views on the issues and challenges ahead. Being able to listen to and gain insight from such a wide range of practitioners really shows the benefit of attending the FERMA Forum, so if you haven’t registered yet – take time to visit the Forum website – https://www.ferma.eu/event/ferma-forum-2024/, and ‘Join the Risk Revolution’.