Global risks highlighted at RiskWorld 2023!

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March 29, 2023

RiskWorld is the exhibition at the centre of the Risk Management universe. The annual symposium for risk managers in North America takes place in Atlanta, Georgia from April 30th to May 3rd. It’s a major opportunity to focus on the current and emerging risks, as well as how individuals, businesses, organisations and governments are responding to them. With more than 60 years of know how, and more than 10,000 attendees, RiskWorld is one of the best chances in the entire year to listen to and network with key business leaders as they share their thoughts and ideas for US and global risk and insurance markets.

RiskWorld is taking place against the backdrop of the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank. This latest banking crisis has demonstrated the fragile nature of the economy, and how financial weakness can result in a global shockwave. 

The future for US politics is also prevalent in the minds of many organisations.  2024 is an election year, and at this stage there’s no clear idea who will win the White House or Congressional races.

Political and economic uncertainty have always created a climate of increased risk, but so too have environmental risks. During the last 12 months, a wide variety of weather events have demonstrated the impact of climate patterns: Hurricane Ian came ashore on the western coast of Florida, killing more than 100 people; California experienced its most extreme heatwave ever in September; and a historic “lake-effect snowstorm” buried western New York under 80 inches of snow; and within the last few days, tornados have wreaked destruction in Mississippi.

Closer to home, the increasing dependency on Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the risks of the cyber world; and as-yet-unannounced innovations will shape the future as well as bringing new challenges.

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The insurance industry is well-versed in helping to transfer risks away, and there are plenty of providers offering solutions. But in such a crowded marketplace, finding the right voice – and making it heard by the right people – is crucial. After all, it can be difficult to differentiate when there are so many competitors! 

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Our Managing Director, Martin Wiggins, will be attending RiskWorld. Book a meeting here, and experience the brandformula benefit!