We have what it takes to make a success of Airmic!

Events and Exhibitions

May 30, 2023

The annual Airmic conference is only a handful of days away.  It’s a milestone moment for Airmic – this year the risk managers get-together is marking 60 years.  The party’s being held at Manchester Central – the same venue that recently hosted the BIBA conference.  

For brandformula’s events team, rising to the challenge of designing, choreographing and staging one exhibition on this scale is a substantial undertaking.  To do that with back-to-back conferences requires plenty of enthusiasm, determination and experience.  Fortunately, at brandformula, we have what it takes!

That’s a real benefit to our clients.  Many have extended relationships with brandformula, and we have been and remain the marketing firm of choice for years. 

The reason? 

Brandformula is not simply in the business of marketing our clients, but growing their business, expanding their reputation and adding value to their proposition.

We can do that because of the wide range of skills within our business.  From creative designers to social media experts to content generators, our team can build interest, excitement and consistent messaging based on years of practical experience in the insurance industry.

From a marketing perspective, this is not a time for novice firms to try and make headway in the busy and constantly evolving world of insurance!

First-time exhibitors

That’s of real importance to new or first-time exhibitors – there were plenty of them at BIBA, and plenty more at Airmic. It can be intimidating knowing where to start – how to maximise exposure; how to reach new clients and customers; how to deliver a message with a punch.  That’s where brandformula’s tried and tested approach really comes into its own!

A checklist to success

We have at our disposal, all of the tools required to make Airmic a success. 

Our team has designed and built a record number of stands in the exhibition hall.  Many of clients return year-after-year because of our attention to detail, and commitment to eye-catching originality.  What was very evident at BIBA is how some stands had a magnetic appeal and naturally attracted delegates. Other stands simply failed to generate the footfall.

Of course, simply creating the space is not enough, we are also servicing our stands, providing the extra flourishes and touches to make them look appealing and inviting, and ensuring that each is properly stocked with the consumables and the supplies necessary to do business.

Our camera teams will again be out in force. We are once again offering Airmic TV to the Airmic partners, but we also offer bespoke filming to everyone – the right clips and visuals on social media can alert the insurance world to your presence and reach potential new contacts.  For individuals who have never worked with TV before we also offer on-site coaching to help you deliver the ear-grabbing soundbite.

And our experts can ensure that the social media messaging counts.  Many of our clients have recognised the benefits of targeting campaigns to highlight the presence of their underwriting experts and risk managers, and brandformula is now a leading proponent in helping the messaging to reach the right inboxes.    We also have access to the latest metric data so that we can make minor adjustments to any campaign and increase its efficiency and penetration.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds are spent every year trying to reach the right brokers, actuaries and customers, but without the right plan and execution, it’s money that simply goes to waste.  This year at Airmic, try the brandformula approach.  We have what it takes. 

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