The journey to FERMA 2013 begins

Events and Exhibitions

October 1, 2012

Well, that isn’t really accurate, as Lindsey and Sian from our events team have already been there 3 times already, but for us mere mortals it does!
With an early start on the Eurostar and the expectations of not only establishing what the organisers have planned for the Forum next year, but also understanding the challenges and opportunities of the venue (it has to be better than Prague and the single passenger lift!) the planning for a successful trip to Maastricht next year is now fully underway. The Forum has really improved in the last few years, with more people attending and the quality of the engagement really moving forward as the sponsors and exhibitors begin to realise that they do need to invest in the Forum to get the best results.

By ‘invest’, I do not necessarily mean simply throwing money at the situation. Understanding what the delegates need – both for the business and personally and delivering that together with the opportunity to talk are the key things that we have found have worked since our very first Forum in Geneva in 2007. Since that time we have worked with a number of clients to make sure that each has the correct platform to deliver their message and engage with those attending, and 2013 will be no different – with each client having something different to say.

If you are going to Maastricht today then I look forward to meeting up, if not and you’d like to know more about how our experience in this field can help you, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Photo credit: Luca Montanari Photography via photopin cc