The insurance industry is back on the road!

Events and Exhibitions

June 1, 2022

After a successful BIBA in Manchester last month, this time, it’s AIRMIC.  And the event is being staged in Liverpool for the first time in 4 years.

Once again, brandformula is playing a major role – We’ve designed and overseen construction of many of the exhibition stands, we’re providing operational support to our clients, and we’re taking care of the video coverage provided by Airmic TV.

For Account Manager, Lily Johnson, Airmic is the culmination of months of planning and organisation.  Lily’s providing the key frontline support to 15 clients.  She’s the brandformula contact responsible for the design, construct and operation of each of the stands.

“I’ve spent the last 6 months leading up to this,” she tells me.  “Every stand is a showcase.  It has to represent everything that the client represents.  Every stand is about attention to detail.  That’s because each client has different needs and expectations and wants to convey a unique message.  My role has been about turning all of those individual wish lists into reality.  And with 15 stands to manage, that’s required a lot of drive and determination!  After all, I’ve dealt with plenty of competing demands, creative discussions and problem solving all at the same time!”

There’s still some final sparkle to add before each stand is handed over to its client on Monday, but Lily is confident that her efforts will be rewarded.  “brandformula has a strong tradition at Airmic.  Last year, we set the pace with our construction work for Allianz.  We pulled out all of the stops, but it was completely worth it because it was awarded the Best Large Stand at the event.  This year the stakes are even higher, because more companies are represented, and everyone wants to make an impact in the post-pandemic era.”

Another, increasingly important, way of making an impact is through video.  It’s a medium that generates interest, and helps companies engage with their clients.  James Howard is managing Airmic TV which provides filming opportunities and allows companies to spread their message to a wider audience.  “A face-to-face meeting at an event like Airmic is one thing, but engaging with the brokers, underwriters and risk managers who can’t attend is crucial!” says James.  “Video is the way to meet new clients, promote a new message and win new business.  The conference only lasts for a few days, but video clips appeal to much broader audiences.  Video can help win trust and demonstrate a professional approach.  It’s a very flexible and easy media to work with.  Additionally, videos can be posted onto social media, increasing their reach far beyond the conference venue!”

If you’d like to learn more about filming opportunities at Airmic, you can contact James here.