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October 4, 2017

Is that trade show looming? You know, the one you go to each year, expecting to see the same old faces, hopeful that by chance you get the lead that others don’t?

Trade shows are expensive activities and highly competitive environments. BIBA, for example, has so many businesses offering many of the same products. How can you make your voice heard?

It is so important to create early interest in your business and extend the personality of your brand and your key messages to your target audience before the event, and through every possible touchpoint. Do this, and you are promoting your business and building a relationship with an informed prospect.  

Finding a theme that pulls all of your activities together is key. Early engagement with stakeholders enables a much clearer vision of the targets and objectives that the business requires from the investment. And, once that is known, it becomes so much easier to create a focused campaign for the stand design and promoting the business in the run up, culminating at the exhibition on the stand.

Once the theme is agreed for messaging, creating a content schedule around those key messages will provide many opportunities to use social media platforms to their full effect. LinkedIn and Twitter, for example, both enable ways of varying the messaging to their maximum effect and to new audiences; tie this in with a dedicated online presence on your website and you are now significantly expanding your promotional touchpoints with your target audience. You are creating contact points and interest in your business so that on the day, deliberately or subconsciously, your audience are now ‘warmed up’.  

Combining in-person and on-stand communications at the event with pre, during, and post activity on social and email is a powerful way to extend the reach and return of the exhibition you are attending. To get the most from any event, driving content and promotional activity is vital, but it must be relevant and consistent. Find your voice, find your theme work it and work it and get a better more impactful result.