RIMS Conference is back! Are you ready to find your voice in the global market?

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March 31, 2022

Do global problems require global solutions? If you look at the events of the last couple of years, the answer appears to be a resounding yes!  A lot has happened:  the pandemic; the rise of crypto and cyber-based technologies; greater awareness of environmental and sustainability issues; the war in Ukraine. Now, as delegates and exhibitors head to San Francisco for the first RIMS conference in three years, the key question occupying minds is the degree to which events of the past are shaping the insurance industry of the future.

In the past, world-changing themes like these would be examined and scrutinised from a more localised point of view; considered solutions would be implemented and adapted, and time would be invested in learning long-term lessons.  Nowadays, everything’s changed.  The world is fast, flexible, instantly accessible and data driven.  That means global problems now need dynamic solutions.   That need for dynamism is at the forefront of BrandFormula’s thinking.

We will be attending RIMS to support our clients and offer our expertise and understanding to the risk management community.  RIMS is the most comprehensive global risk management event, and the most-likely forum to develop fresh thinking, new perspectives, and innovative solutions to recent developments.  It’s the right environment to showcase our global outlook, and the best way to promote our clients on the international stage.

We’ve used the last two years to deploy our creative energies, fine tune our industry knowledge and sharpen our marketing skills.  For us, global problems offer a global opportunity, and it’s an opportunity extended to our clients who are now best-placed to thrive and outshine their peers.

As in-person events finally resume after a 2 year hiatus, it’s worth mentioning that the global market extends beyond one event, and the Brandformula approach extends far beyond the remit of RIMS alone.  In the coming months we’ll be offering our unique insight and approach at other major in-person events, including BIBA, Airmic & FERMA.

Our existing clients have always benefitted from our comprehensive and targeted approach, and we’re always ready to help customers find their voice in the global market.

Are you ready to find your voice in the global market?

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