Another week at bf: planes & trains

Events and Exhibitions

April 13, 2015

Another hectic week starts with the team off on their travels again this morning – well some started on Saturday!!

Some would say that all of this travel is very glamorous – seeing lots of cities, different cultures etc, but I suspect that a very early start on a Monday might take the gloss off of the ‘glamour’!

The team are really clocking up some miles this week, with several projects across Europe, plus a series of client meetings as well. Starting off with Switzerland, then Germany, then back to Switzerland, and then finally home to London, via Germany and France! For the logistics and production of all of these different teams’ delivery projects across Europe, we say a huge well done to Carl, Tessa and Susannah, who have been critical in getting this all right.

So a few more air miles this week, plus a list from the office for duty free! I think they deserve it this time!!