Meet some of the team at BIBA 2018

Events and Exhibitions

May 4, 2018

With BIBA 2018 rapidly approaching, our team is making sure that the final touches are taken care of before going up north to, hopefully sunny, Manchester.

We’re helping our clients prepare for and get the best from the Conference, which takes a great deal of time and the involvement of the entire team. This year, not only have we designed some outstanding exhibition stands, but more importantly, the ideas that we have presented have really ‘hit home’, with very significant investment from clients in overall campaigns – reaching out to those that don’t make the trip to Manchester, as well as those in the hall itself. For this year’s edition of BIBA, some of the highlights are the quality of the ideas, the variety of engagements and the integration and reach, with content, filming and social media at the heart of that.

We managed to sit down with our Managing Director Martin Wiggins, and catch up with him during the last minutes of madness.

What are you looking forward to seeing at BIBA this year?

Sometimes the workload is so heavy that by the end of the Conference I’m not too sure what I’ve actually ‘seen’ – it all seems such a blur! The market continues to be hugely competitive, with lots of companies and personnel changes, so catching up with people is always a good thing. I’m really keen to understand how the market is looking to evolve and remain relevant: we can’t simply do the same things year in year out! I’m also excited to see how everyone is looking to understand customers more, be better at providing them with a proposition that works and how we can innovate to remain relevant for the future.

What does the BIBA “Innovate, Evolve, Thrive” theme mean to you?

My take on the theme is that I think that it’s great to do all of these things – customers demand that we do, but at the heart of that we need to understand the needs/drivers of customers. If we don’t do that, we just end up trying to sell what we have, or we lose share to those organisations that resonate better than the insurance industry does. We are then not best placed to tell the story about how we support customers – not just in the time of need when a claim happens, but what we are able to support happening: new projects, new buildings/infrastructure, expansion.So, good in part and I’d certainly applaud it, but let’s not lose sight of the customer!

Many of our team will be attending BIBA this year, from members of Digital to PR and Events to our Directors, if you see them around, feel free to say hi and ask them any questions. Be sure to also follow us on Twitter @brandformula_uk to keep up with all the latest news live from the Conference and follow the hashtag #BIBA2018.