Managing your stand at events – Post-Lockdown Edition

Events and Exhibitions

August 15, 2021

After not exhibiting at physical events for a year and a half, we want to remind you of some key factors to consider when managing your stand and suggest some additional considerations for the ‘new normal’.

Of course, you want to make your stand look amazing and stand out, however, the design/look of a stand isn’t the only important thing to think about.

The people who man the stand:

Your stand at the event is one of the main elements that will represent your company during the event. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate people who will add value and knowledge to the stand, while also being confident with meeting new people and building relationships.

Switch it up:

Manning a stand is a tiring thing to do. Whether it’s only for a couple of hours, or a 3-day event, your feet and back will start to ache and with the constant networking, your social battery will slowly drain – especially after so long with such limited social interaction during lockdowns! So, you want to keep refreshing the people at your stand. Rotate your staff so that everyone gets a well-earned break and has time to recharge. You want to keep your staff happy and approachable!

Give people space:

Even though we are now out of lockdown, social distancing may still be an element some visitors wish to keep. Make sure when you’re talking to people that you respect their personal space.

Manage your own space:

While being considerate to the public, it is also important to manage your own space on your stand, in the interest of both your staff’s comfort and your stand’s approachability. Having too many staff crammed together can not only appear intimidating to potential visitors but may also cause anxiety amongst staff. Be sure to spread out where possible and/or keep staff on the stand to a minimum.

Consider your digital presence:

With a hybrid between physical and virtual events likely to be the ‘new normal’ for exhibitions, it will be more important than ever to consider boosting your event attendance and key messaging via an online campaign. The most successful digital campaigns coordinate with the exhibition stand theme, and run before, during, and after the event.

So, when preparing for an event, remember there is more to a successful stand than meets the eye.

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