Make your 2019 Exhibitions and Events the best yet!

Events and Exhibitions

February 14, 2019

Written by Neil Johnson, Executive Director

Long gone are the days of attending trade exhibitions and events and hoping that reacquainting or meeting new prospects is a given just because you have paid the entry fee. There is so much pressure on day-to-day commitments for us all, not only to get the obvious ROI for exhibitors, but also for those that attend as visitors: everyone must be able to justify their commitment in time and expense.

We all need a compelling reason to attend an event and we must feel that we have gained something from the day. This places greater pressure than ever on not just the organiser, but also the exhibitor to connect and create market interest with prospects before the event. In other words, a ‘warmed-up’ prospect is much more likely to become an engaged potential lead.

This in turn drives the need to find that ‘key reason’ to be met and, in doing so, stand out from the many others in the hall. When a market is so congested with businesses offering like-for-like products and services, a key point of difference can be the deciding factor in engaging with a prospect.

At brandformula, we advocate creating a clear theme or campaign message that all members of the business can ‘buy into’ from the very start – and that really is when the business commits to attending an event, normally many months beforehand. This isn’t just about promoting the business brand, that’s a given; it’s more about finding the story that engages and intrigues.

Focusing on a point of difference – be it a new product or service, or a key USP – makes for a much stronger engagement and using that message consistently across your communication is vital. From emails to social media, to print and video, and finally the stand graphics and messaging, all marketing activity is engaged. Working towards an event date is also a powerful way to bring the many marketing touchpoints together in one coherent voice, and starting this activity early on also builds momentum and excitement with your attending team, and excited and happy stand attendees lead to better connections and quality leads on the day!

If you have committed to an event in 2019 or are beginning to consider doing so, we would be delighted to talk to you and help you find that point of difference. Sometimes it’s obvious, but quite often it’s a ‘gem’ sitting there waiting to be found. brandformula’s insight and knowledge of the insurance market combined with our vast exhibition experience can help you find that vital point of day difference, we would be delighted to help you.