Events after lockdown – Tips on live Tweeting

Events and Exhibitions

August 24, 2021

With the end of lockdown finally here, it’s time to start thinking about your upcoming physical events!

After not attending physical events for well over a year now, we thought a reminder of how to help boost your visibility and connect with your audience while at an event may come in handy.

Posting ‘live’ social content while at an event or exhibition is a great way to show your audience you’re there, share hot topics and trending discussions, connect with other delegates and exhibitors, and join in the online conversation.

LinkedIn is often our top recommended social platform for industry comms, and there is value in posting about events on your LinkedIn profile and/or company page, but the real champion of social media platforms to leverage during events is Twitter. Due to its fast-paced nature and widespread use of hashtag functionality, Twitter should not be overlooked as part of your event comms strategy.

Here are some of our top tips for live Tweeting when at an event:

  • Check before you post
    When Tweeting from a company Twitter profile, it’s important to not make any mistakes, whether that’s spelling, punctuation, or simply the Tweet not making much sense. Even though you may want to get the Tweet out ASAP for a live event, it’s always best to take the time to double check the post is professional and typed up correctly. Therefore, when drafting a tweet, reread it a few times before posting it. If you’re at the event with a colleague, why not ask them to cast an eye over it too.
  • Snapshot the moment
    When at an event, one of the best ways to showcase the value of being there is through pictures. You can Tweet a photo of your stand, a talk you listened to, or even a team photo. Pictures and videos bring your Twitter page to life and make it less robotic, while also showing your audience what the event is all about and the personality behind the brand.
  • # and handles
    With most events, there is normally a hashtag you want to include in your posts to get more involved with the online buzz around the event and help increase your engagement. There may also be a ‘handle’ (or username) you want to tag. Do your research before the event so you are prepared for the correct hashtags and handles to include.
  • Preparation is key
    Even though you’re at the live event, you can still schedule some Tweets to go out throughout the day by using tools like Hootsuite or Buffer. Keep the Tweets generic like ‘Come visit our stand…’ or ‘The team is having a great day at…’. As long as you make the scheduled Tweets seem live, there’s no harm in preparing some beforehand. This takes the pressure off during the day and minimises the risk of typos or poor WiFi/signal. Just make sure the dates and timings are correct!
  • Don’t drink and Tweet
    Events can be filled with a variety of different activities – often including drinks receptions and/or parties. Once the event is over and it’s time to relax, log out of your company Twitter account to avoid any tipsy mishaps! If you want a Tweet to go out during that time, go back to tip 4 and pre-schedule a post.

If you have any further questions or want more guidance, get in touch: [email protected]