Lights, Camera, Airmic…

Events and Exhibitions

June 13, 2014

Next week sees the risk management and insurance communities converge upon the ICC in Birmingham for the annual Airmic Conference.
We are particularly excited this year as, apart from our normal involvement, we will be running the AirmicTV channel for them throughout the event. This will be our second outing of this nature in the last year after running FermaTV at last October’s Forum in Maastricht, where the feedback was hugely positive from all concerned.

So what will we be doing?

Operating from two studios in the gallery area of the exhibition hall, we will be interviewing all of the various keynote and workshop speakers, leading experts from the wider risk management community, some of Airmic’s own people and a number of their event Partners. In addition, we will be roaming around the Conference capturing the whole vibe of this excellent event. Videos will be uploaded during the event and available for anyone with an interest in Airmic to watch online.

We will be easy to spot so, if you do see us about, don’t be shy, come say hi and tell us your own thoughts about the Conference.

Good luck to all those involved at Airmic and we cannot wait for the doors to open on Monday!