Getting ready for AMRAE

Events and Exhibitions

January 24, 2023

We’re well into January, and that means that the major conferences and exhibitions that mark the insurance year are just around the corner.

The first major milestone takes place at Deauville in Normandy in northern France early next month.  Last year, AMRAE was the beginning of the return to normality following the lifting of pandemic restrictions. It’s an event for European Risk Managers, insurance specialists and companies and organisations to consider the latest trends and find new solutions to insurance-related issues.

AMRAE is taking place at a time of great international uncertainty. We’re approaching the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which continues to influence and shape political and economic conditions on a global scale. The energy crisis, coupled with the cost-of-living crisis and rising inflation have left Europe particularly badly affected. Many countries are already experiencing recession conditions which may continue for several months.

Macroeconomic conditions and the energy crisis both feature highly as major areas of concern in 2023 according to the annual Allianz risk barometer. It also warns of dangers caused by Cyber incidents and Business Interruption.

Last year the insurance industry was impacted by extreme weather events; Hurricane Ian, which landed in Cuba and the US in September has led to losses worth more than $100 billion. In Pakistan, $30 billion of damage was caused by flooding (although insurance only covered $5 billion of this figure). Even Europe was not spared from the extreme weather events with the heatwaves and droughts racking up $20 billion worth of damages.   

These figures demonstrate the continuing and increasing relevance of the insurance industry. So, as Risk Managers gather in Deauville, there’s never been a more important time to make the right first impression and promote financial resilience in the face of the gathering economic storm. 

But at brandformula, we also recognise the equally important need to promote long-term sustainability and good business practice.

That’s why we’ve made ESG-related themes central to our offering at AMRAE. brandformula has a long-standing pedigree in developing exhibition stands that showcase our clients’ environmental credentials. The 7 booths that we’ve designed, built and serviced all reflect a commitment to a sustainable future. That’s very important for companies like Zurich, which is marking its 150th year, and FM Global which is planting trees based on the distance covered in an exercise bike relay!

Other companies, including TMHCC, QBE and Swiss Re are making a virtue of the natural world with substantial use of untreated wood and planting. They’re also using rental furniture lighting and electricals rather than buying new. Naturally, all of our stands benefit from reduced transport mileage, further reducing their carbon footprints.   

AMRAE is just the first event of a busy schedule for 2023. All of our events and exhibitions are being co-ordinated by Lily Johnson – please contact her to find out how to make an impact at BIBA or Airmic later this year!