RIMS 2016 – Will the topics be the same?

Events and Exhibitions

March 3, 2016

With the clock counting down to the team leaving for San Diego and RIMS 2016, the final stages of the planning for the delivery of the support to our clients is well under way.

Having spoken to clients over the last few days, excitement is beginning to rise – will it be better than New Orleans? Time will only tell…but the topics of discussion will surely be many and varied – and although the US is often painted as being hugely different from Europe, I am sure that many of the issues raised at recent AMRAE and Airmic events will repeat themselves – albeit with a different focus/context.

I think we are certainly seeing a much greater profile for risk challenges, be that ‘political’ – who will succeed Obama and will there be a Brexit, or ‘economic’ – what will be the reach and impact of the forecast global slowdown and the pressures in China – is it a ‘slow’ or another ‘crash’? What are the experts going to say?

How will the continued threat of Cyber Crime impact on our business and social thinking moving forward? Will it begin to impact on consumer confidence or will it still be considered as a ‘business/country’ issue, and will that possible denting of confidence feed through to reduced online sales? What will the reaction be to further ‘state sponsored’ attacks?

There is still a lot of time before we leave for RIMS, so plenty of time for all of the above to change I’m sure…