FERMA TV’s heading to Venice

Events and Exhibitions

July 30, 2015

Come 4th – 7th October, the European risk community will relocate to Venice for the 2015 FERMA Forum and we are delighted that the organisers have once again selected us to provide the official TV channel for it.

Held every two years, this year’s event will see some 1500 risk professionals from 34 countries gather at the Palazzo del Cinema in Venice and we will be there to capture the whole event.

Whether it’s interviewing key FERMA people, keynote speakers or sponsors, we will be finding out from them what’s front of their minds now, looking ahead to 2016 and perhaps further beyond. We will also capture the whole atmosphere of this unique gathering.

Alongside this, we will also be working with many of the exhibitors and attendees helping them permanently capture their own FERMA experience.

Our schedule is beginning to take shape but there are still plenty of gaps, so if you would like us to help you capture your own memories of the Forum, or use the opportunity to film your business’s key spokespeople, just get in touch with Mark Huxley at [email protected] and we’ll be delighted to help.