Could Virtual Meeting Spaces combat Zoom fatigue?

Events and Exhibitions

June 1, 2021

Do you often feel exhausted after a long day of meetings over Zoom or Teams? You’re not alone! In fact, scientists from Microsoft’s Human Factors Lab studied human brain waves during video meetings and discovered “Zoom fatigue” is a real thing.

With this in mind, and with screen time increasing by a third (to an average of 40% of our waking hours) during the pandemic, there is a changing need for companies to deliver messages in new and exciting ways.

Introducing… the rise of Virtual Meeting Spaces.

What are Virtual Meeting Spaces?

Virtual meeting spaces are similar to Video Conferencing, but in a virtual meeting, interaction can take place due to a variety of Internet technology tools. These include avatars to represent participants, video, live audio, instant-message chat, and apps that can be shared among attendees, such as for taking notes or polls.

Why are Virtual Meeting Spaces more engaging than Video Conferencing?

Webcam–based conferencing solutions like Zoom and Teams are more an evolution of television. You are staring at multiple faces, all at once, for an hour, on a screen. The cognitive load of video conferencing is far higher than phone calls or in-person conversation. Where normally we pick up and give out non-verbal cues from body language, they’re missing from video’s flat, sometimes delayed, and often blurry images.

Virtual Meeting Spaces have a lot of advantages over video conferencing:

  • The feeling of presence and togetherness
  • The ability to really collaborate
  • Feeling less distracted and finding it easier to focus
  • Design your own meeting spaces to fit your needs whether: your office, showroom, exhibition, factory – you name it!

How can we help?

“We developed our 3D interactive showcase environment to meet the need that the pandemic created for the industry – an online version of an exhibition which is as close to the physical experience as possible. We’ve taken our expertise from the face-to-face events and conferences space and applied this to the digital world – creating a virtual meeting space which encompasses everything from interactive hotspots to embeddable media and in-built analytics.” says our Executive Director, Neil Johnson.

Are you ready to create a more engaging experience for your clients, prospects, employees using Virtual Meeting spaces? We can help!

Get in touch to find out how you can create your own exclusive showcase environment, your own bespoke rooms, and an unforgettable experience – with no Zoom fatigue in sight!

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