Business events: we’re ready when you’re ready

Events and Exhibitions

May 4, 2021
If all goes to plan, business events in England will be able to take place in less than a month-and we couldn’t be more excited!

Of course, there will be some stark differences to the events and exhibitions we are used to-all in the interest of keeping everyone in attendance safe.

Events that will (hopefully) start from 17th of May:

  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Charity auctions
  • Private dining events e.g. awards ceremonies

3 requirements event organisers must adhere to:

  1. Follow all relevant Covid-secure guidance and complete a risk assessment
  2. Follow all legal requirements including preventing mixing between groups, enforcing social distancing, and mandating face coverings indoors
  3. Take all reasonable action to mitigate risk to public health including controlling attendance, limiting numbers based on space and ventilation of venue, implementing effective infection prevention and control measures.

Capacity caps events will be subject to:

  • For indoor events: 1,000 people or 50% of venue’s capacity, whichever is lower
  • For outdoor events: 4,000 people or 50% of site/venue’s capacity, whichever is lower

Are you ready?

Does this reassure you that business events will feel safe when they open up next month?

Whenever you feel ready, we are ready to support you.

Whether you are gearing up to attend, exhibit at, or host a Covid-safe event, get in touch to see how we can help.