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November 1, 2019

FERMA Forum 2019 is just around the corner. We’re packing our bags and finalising the last-minute details ready for the European risk and insurance management conference of the year!

We’ll be there supporting over 15 clients with their physical stands, digital campaigns and much more. It’ll be a busy few days for us, but we’re going to make sure we make the most of our time there! Find out more about the event and what exactly we’ll be up to in our ‘Countdown to FERMA’ blog.

If you’re in Berlin for the event, or if you ever happen to find yourself in the German capital for other business or pleasure, then why not check out our top 5 attractions!

  1. Brandenburg Gate

This iconic monument has been in the city since the 18th century and is a must see for those visiting.

The gate symbolises the separation between the East and West of the city during the Cold War, marking it as one of the most significant landmarks. It is the only surviving historical city gate.

For those into their architecture, the gate is one of the earliest, most attractive examples of neoclassical design.

  1. Reichstag Building

If you’re looking for a unique view of the city landscape, you can climb the dome at the top of the building and enjoy a panoramic view. More interestingly, the Reichstag currently houses the German parliament. So, whilst you’re taking in the breath-taking views (fingers crossed for good weather!), the government are making their key decisions right below you in the debating chamber.

Did you know the building was badly damaged by a fire in 1933? The event marked the end of Weimar Republic. Sadly, the building fell into further neglect and damage during the Second World War. Renovation only began in 1961, where the glass cupola was introduced.

  1. Holocaust Memorial

Although a sombre tone, this memorial is an exceptional and very respectful piece of architecture to remember the victims.

The memorial is open to the public and you can freely walk around it – but not on it! This is deemed very disrespectful, as are selfies and other images within the memorial.

Within the space, you’re immersed by 2,711 concrete structures and can freely get lost as you travel deeper into the space.  Many blocks are up to 15ft tall!

Did you know that the memorial is right next to the place where Adolf Hitler hid during the end of World War II? Interestingly, this is now just a parking garage!

  1. Berlin Wall

This year marks a very important occasion for the city – the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. There are various events taking place across the city to commemorate the occasion. During the Forum, there is an open-air exhibition held by the Berlin House of Representatives.

The house was relatively inaccessible and forgotten about until after the fall of the wall. Until 20th November, they will be showing selected photographs of the Berlin Wall and excerpts from private correspondences, amongst other notable exhibits. This will be shown on the forecourt of the Berlin House of Representatives.

If you cannot make the exhibition, you can of course still visit the Berlin Wall. The wall now houses the ‘East Side Gallery’ – a 1,316-meter long gallery which showcases 105 paintings from global artists. Some of the wall also remains untouched so you can see it in its original state.

  1. Die Berliner Republik

For a chance to unwind at the end of the day, you can visit one of the most popular places for a glass of German beer. This pub is like no other – their 18 beers are listed on the “stock exchange”, with the price variable throughout the day. If you’re lucky, you could be there during the market crash where prices plummet!

Eat dinner like a Berliner…

Along the bank of the River Spree, there are a number of eateries with various cuisines that you can also visit, including Ganymed Brasserie (French) and Kartoffelkeller (German).

Of course, there are many other restaurants across the city. Here are our top recommendations, the majority are all approximately a 25-minute drive from the Estrel.

The following are a little closer to the Estrel if you’re wanting to stay closer to home.

If you’re attending the event and staying in or near the Estrel, we suggest you visit these attractions on the same day as they are all very close by! All are approximately 40 minutes from the event, but in close proximity to each other.

We’ll be taking a trip to our top 5 attractions whilst we’re there and if you do too, make sure you tag us in your pics using our tag, @brandformula_uk on Twitter and @brandformula on Instagram and LinkedIn.