IMPRAs & IMPRCs- Double the sponsoring

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January 29, 2016

Yesterday evening saw Incisive Media formally launch the 2016 Insurance Marketing & PR Awards, aka the IMPRAs. Building upon the success of last year’s inaugural event, they have elected to extend it to now tie-in the Insurance Marketing & PR Conference, abbreviated to the catchy IMPRCs.
For some time now we have been proud to have supported these events, offering our design expertise, to help create their theming. From originally helping brand the British Insurance Awards some six or seven years ago, the range of those has grown to still include the BIAs in 2016, Investment Week’s Fund Manager of the Year Awards, The CII’s Public Interest Awards, Legal Week’s British Legal Awards and of course IMPRA & IMPRC.

Dare we say the work we have done has really raised the profile of them all, creating some iconic visual themes and imagery. The current image of the top of Incisive’s Director of Content Jonathan Swift’s head being replaced with half an orange will remain in the memory for some time.

Normally we are happy to help in the capacity of Design Partner, but this year for IMPRA and IMPRC Incisive approached us with the opportunity of being the Headline Sponsor across the whole event. Having thought long and hard about it we made the decision to accept as we feel the sector is in a period of significant change in its approach to marketing and communication and we wanted to mark that.

Why do we think this?…

We think it is fair to say that the insurance industry can sometimes lag behind other sectors in its marketing priorities. As a risk managing sector, there has always been a natural caution about being seen as too ‘shouty’ about what they do. However, it is equally fair to say that once it can evaluate the benefits of something it then gets behind it wholeheartedly.

This is what we see as has happened to both marketing and press/communications within the sector. The last five or so years has seen a real paradigm shift from it being regarded as a function of the business, to now being genuinely strategic and driven from the boardroom. Still a way to go but we see more marketing directors sitting on the exec. boards of our clients, driving real strategies to use advanced marketing techniques to deliver value propositions that are well thought-through, campaigns that are properly crafted and executions of them that are logical, impactful and properly measurable.

So we wanted to put our own weight behind this and believe the IMPRAs are worthy of support, so would urge anyone with a pride in what they have done to submit an entry. And are equally proud that we will be actively participating in the conference aspect too, sharing some of our own expertise and insight.

Details of the event can be found here.

Meantime we are sharing the picture of Mr Swift and do feel free to leave a comment or two. We know he’ll appreciate anything you say!