Events – what keeps clients up?

Events and Exhibitions

October 26, 2015

Martin: That no one will turn up

Planning corporate events can be stressful, but the biggest worry for our clients is that nobody on their carefully-selected guest list will turn up to appreciate the efforts and expenditure invested.

Our solution?

    1. Make the content relevant and resonating
      As long as your event promises to add valuable insight and/or opportunities in areas of interest and importance to your guests, attendance is guaranteed

    3. Keep people informed
      People who are kept in the loop are much more inclined to turn up. From event details and subtle reminders to agendas and what to expect on the day, communication in the lead-up to your event is vital in providing your guests with reasons to attend

    5. Appeal to both corporate and personal characters
      While your event must have corporate relevance to attendees, what makes it unmissable are the elements that guests can really look forward to. The offer of free drinks and food always goes down well, but the opportunities are endless depending on your audience and budget – think themed events, impressive venues, special guest appearances.


For more information on how we’ve made sure our clients’ events haven’t turned out to be ghost towns, give us a call on 020 7265 7880.