BIBA 2012, here we come!

Events and Exhibitions

May 14, 2012

We are all in full swing for BIBA this week – the initial team is already onsite waiting for the doors to open and rest of the team will arrive later today and Tuesday.
Attending any exhibition is far more than simply targeting those that visit the show, so we are not only looking to build some very interesting and exciting exhibition stands as the focal point of the activity, but take the content outside and reach those that aren’t able to make the trip to Manchester. So, the key messages and content will not only look to resonate with the visitors, but we will be working hard to transfer things beyond the venue and ensure that customers throughout the market are engaged. Our film crew and team of digital experts will be using a variety of tools from email through to social media, so watch out for all of the content in the coming days.

The level of investment in BIBA continues to grow, so measuring the level of return is critical to ensure that the event is seen as a positive one. Understanding the return is essential, but typically ‘business’ isn’t written, so we will be using a number of new measurement/evaluation tools to not only gather data on the visitors to the stand, but also the activity and productivity of those on the stands themselves. This isn’t ‘Big Brother’, merely a way of understanding how effective the various methods for engagement are.

Please look out for the team and if we can be of help, just ask. Manchester here we come!!