A tale of two continents

Events and Exhibitions

September 29, 2014

As another week starts, the team from brandformula are putting in the miles today, delivering for clients in Boston and preparing for 2015 with a site visit to Venice for FERMA.
It is the opening day for Sibos 2104 in Boston, with over 7000 delegates registered to attend from across the Globe. After a day of last minute attention to detail and cleaning, all of the stands are now ready and waiting for the doors to open. As well as the expected array of AV screens and coffee machines, many of which have been painted to match corporate colours, we are seeing some really interesting work with the use of texture and structure. Whilst the constraints of working in the US tend to force some of the production methods, many have followed on from Dubai in the use of fretwork, structural planting and variation of depth on the stands, avoiding the large slab walls. Real creativity, long may it continue.

A little closer to home, the team are in Venice, planning for the FERMA Forum in 2015, with a visit to the venues and meeting the organisers and onsite support. This is a very different event to Sibos, but still hugely important to those who attend, both as exhibitors and delegates. The budgets are very different, but it requires the same level of attention and creativity. One of the key challenges for all exhibitors and those organising events at the Forum will be the logistics of getting around and the costs involved. Hopefully we can all work out a solution on that tricky one!