The Bermuda Risk Summit returns on March 6th!

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February 9, 2023

Last year, the international community came to Hamilton for the inaugural Risk Summit. It was a time of change as the planet emerged from pandemic conditions and questions were raised about the long-term financial prognosis. 

Today, the Bermuda Risk Summit comes at a time of even greater volatility: natural and man-made disasters contributed to making 2022 one of the most challenging years for the re/insurance industry; international political upheavals and invasions have created instability; the rise of new threats in the cyber world are changing the international risk profile. 

Bermuda’s mid Atlantic location means it is equally accessible to both North American and European markets. It’s become a truly international market that currently accounts for around a third of the global reinsurance market based on property/casualty net premiums earned, and is the home of underwriting operations for more than 30 major international insurance and reinsurance firms.

So, it’s the perfect place to make a meaningful impact. Indeed, the economic and political headwinds suggest there’s never been a more important time to make a difference, reach new audiences and promote an ethical and sustainable future. 

That’s where brandformula can help!

We are one of the world’s most renowned & respected marketing and communication agencies and have a specialist focus on the Insurance and Reinsurance markets. Over the last 12 months, we have supported clients across the globe, including clients in Bermuda. Quite simply we don’t just know insurance, we know international insurance! As part of our regular planning meetings with clients, Martin Wiggins, and Craig Freeman, will also be attending the Bermuda Risk Summit – supporting those clients attending as well as taking the opportunity to discuss key market issues and trends with the other delegates.     

The brandformula approach has a proven track record of delivering quality content, developing brands, and achieving positive results across all mediums. 

Click here to meet with Martin or Craig in Bermuda, and find out how brandformula can help you make the most of your opportunity!