Behind the scenes at BIBA

Events and Exhibitions

June 8, 2018

Every year, the lead-up to BIBA and the conference itself are very busy times for the entire agency. However, for the Events and Exhibitions team, the work for the following BIBA begins almost immediately after the last one concludes. They work closely with clients to plan an effective stand, taking into consideration position, layout and technology amongst other criteria. Once at the venue, they are on-hand from before the conference opens until after it closes, ensuring smooth building, exhibiting and deconstructing.

Following a successful BIBA, we look back at some of our memories from the conference. With 13 members of our team in Manchester, our Executive Director Neil was on-site days before the conference started to supervise our clients’ stands being built. Here, he discusses the thinking behind the layout of the stands, their design, and how construction was successfully carried out within the pressing time-limit before attendees arrived.

If you’re interested in speaking with us about your next exhibition, get in touch with Neil on [email protected]