AMRAE 2019 – I think this one is going to be interesting…

Events and Exhibitions

December 18, 2018

Written by Martin Wiggins, MD


Looking ahead to AMRAE in Deauville at the beginning of February next year, the team is working hard to finish off all the great designs that we’ve pulled together for our clients as 2019 marks a record year for the level of support that we’re providing.

Timing is always a difficult thing to manage and control, but AMRAE certainly looks as though it will provide a great platform for the market to come together and talk through the uncertainty that currently appears to be impacting us all. Almost every day, we see further signs and warnings of increased risk from environmental pressures and the likely impact this will have on insurable risks and the way that we live our lives, with increased concerns coming from the UN and academics alike. This follows the FERMA Seminar in October hot on the heels, which had dedicated half of the event to this subject.

Political pressures and social unrest also seem to be on the increase. The relationship between the UK and Europe, plus the ‘conflict’ within the USA and the increasing profile of Russia and China, all make seeing the future a difficult one and planning to manage the risks associated with it almost impossible. People seem to be more disconnected with their elected leaders and happy to take that to a more public stage as we have seen in both the US and France recently.

Cyber threats remain at the very top of public and business concerns – especially with the increasing involvement of ‘state-sponsored’ activities in the fabric of society and social media. Again, the FEMRA Seminar looked at this in depth.

So, much to look forward to in Deauville then and we hope that you’ll take time to support our clients and all of the other exhibitors. We have some great ideas and launches planned for the Conference as well as great hospitality and coffee of course!