AMRAE 2017 – let the talking begin

Events and Exhibitions

January 27, 2017

After what appears to be months of preparation and planning, everything is finished and complete in time for the beginning of AMRAE 2017 next week.

The exhibitions booths are designed, built, and ready to be transported, the AV screens and furniture are ready too, and, of course, the plants and everything else that goes into making AMRAE a success for our clients and all attendees.

This year, we are supporting a record number of clients at AMRAE, which is a great reflection of the value they see in attending and how they really want to grasp the opportunity to meet and talk with Risk Managers and those in the industry.

The really big challenge that we are seeing in the market at the moment is the ability of those supporting the Risk Managers to identify and articulate their difference – their Value Proposition – and what this means to the market/customers. Combined with pressures of ‘new/emerging risks’ that are perhaps developing quicker that the market’s ability to respond, all makes for some very interesting debate.

Recent reports from FERMA, Marsh, and discussions from Davos all show that business is keen to understand more about ‘risk’ and how they can mitigate the ‘unknown’. There is lots of talk about ‘Cyber’, but the broader issues surrounding and managing ‘technological change’ are perhaps more important – especially how that impacts on social/labour markets.

There continues to remain a need to understand more on the subject of environmental risks, with extreme weather events increasing and uncertainty over how to manage and reduce the effects of climate change. I am sure that BREXIT will form part of the discussions at AMRAE, as well as the ongoing political/social pressures within Europe and one President Trump will get the odd mention. Lots to talk about.

We are really looking forward to the trip to Deauville on Monday – so if you are attending, please do look out for all of the team hard at work building some outstanding designs for the booths and see you in the sessions/workshops – and for the coffee of course!

We predicted the trends we were expecting to see at AMRAE in our blog from the beginning of January. Read it here.