All eyes turn to Berlin for FERMA Forum 2019

Events and Exhibitions

October 3, 2018

Another week, another town; this time it was Berlin, where our events team was onsite for a few days to see a range of event locations for clients looking to host receptions and parties for the upcoming Forum in the city in November 2019. 

Berlin itself is a great modern city with much history and things to make it stand out in the memory, especially with that combination of the ‘old and the new’. The range of locations is extensive, with many interesting and striking venues scattered around the city; from the more traditional and modern to the trendy and quirky, particularly in what was once the old ‘East Berlin’. Berlin really is a city of ‘two halves’, with some very impactful, yet ‘edgy’ locations in the old East Berlin and the opportunity to still see much of the old Wall – but be aware for lots of graffiti on almost every vertical surface and many of the horizontal ones too. There are plenty of options for receptions: from the very large, with warehouse and other industrial buildings, to the modern contemporary structures.

Whilst getting around as a tourist is fine, we would certainly suggest that transport is provided to get guests to and from the venue of your choice. Taxis are in great supply, but venues are certainly spread around the city and are always at least 15-20 minutes from the venue for the Forum, the Estrel Hotel.

So, if you’re looking for some ideas or are planning to attend the Forum and just want a quick chat about the format and the city, don’t hesitate to get in touch.