Airmic TV & what you missed at Airmic 2014

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June 19, 2014

Over for another year – with everything packed away, the market has left Birmingham and headed back to the office to catch up on a mountain of emails, but with all of the activity over the last few days you might have missed the thoughts and opinions of some of the key people attending the Conference.

Our team, led by Mark Huxley and Rob Reina, worked across the Conference from Sunday through to yesterday afternoon, capturing the key things that mattered to those attending and their thoughts on the event itself. So, if you saw them running around and want to know more, all of the interviews can now be seen via the Airmic TV Channel on the Conference website.

Go to the Airmic TV channel here.

If you couldn’t attend the Conference, then take the time to see what you missed and make a date for next year in Liverpool!