Agency Life at brandformula: February Edition

Agency Life

March 6, 2024

Here is the February edition of our Agency Life blog, taking you behind the scenes of our work and life at brandformula. February saw the team attend our first event of 2024, tuck into some delicious food to celebrate National Pizza Day, and prepare for Airmic with a quick trip to Edinburgh. Explore how we engage, inspire, and thrive…

🌟 Engage

On the 7th-9th February, it was the 31st Rencontres du Risk Management and the first event of 2024 that we supported as an agency. It’s fair to say that this year’s AMRAE was not only our biggest, but our busiest yet! Check out some behind the scenes footage here of the team preparing the stands. 

Having returned from, (and now recovered from) a very successful AMRAE  – one which saw the brandformula team deliver multiple booths and meeting rooms for clients, we sat down to take a moment and reflect on the overall success of the event.

AMRAE presented an excellent chance for us to reconnect with friends and clients while gaining deeper insights into the market’s present state, as well as learning how to evolve in response to emerging trends and challenges. We’d like to congratulate the events team and all those involved for their hard work, if you’re interested in learning more about our AMRAE experience – read Neil’s latest blog here

With Airmic fast approaching, Lily and Lucy travelled up to Edinburgh to visit the exhibition hall for the upcoming conference. As this is a new venue for the team, we find it’s always good to familiarise ourselves with the space so we can better support clients with any questions that they may have regarding the rooms, ceiling heights, access etc. 

Lily and Lucy were shown around the meeting rooms, registration areas, the plenary room and both exhibition halls, as well as delivery access. The site visit allowed the team to get a better idea of how to best travel to and from the venue, what was nearby, and discover some of the many things that Edinburgh has to offer outside of the exhibition. 


In our February edition of ‘Throwback Thursday’, our Creative Services Director, Nick Patchitt, looks back at the changing face of BIBA over the past 16 years and brandformula’s part in making this the landmark Insurance event in the calendar. Read his blog here for more. 

Ahead of BIBA 2024 in May, we reflected on 20 years of brandformula proudly supporting clients at the BIBA Conference! Our journey began in 2004 with just 4 team members and has since grown into a passionate team of 45 by 2024, consistently delivering exceptional results every step of the way. We are looking forward to making more memories this year in Manchester! See more here.

🚀 Thrive   

On the 9th of February, we celebrated National Pizza Day in the office. Our brilliant social committee are always looking for opportunities to come together as a team and what better way than by gathering to eat pizza! There were plenty of choices for those who prefer a plain pizza and those who enjoy all the toppings… check out our TikTok asking the team what topping they wouldn’t have on their pizza. 

February is also the month of love! For this Valentine’s Day, the social committee delivered sweet treats in the office to spread some love.

Finding ways to say thank you to our wonderful team ensures that absolutely everyone feels valued, as Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show love and appreciation in all your relationships – not just your partners and friends, but your colleagues too!

And there you have it – a glimpse into life at brandformula. Stay tuned for monthly updates…