6 days until British Insurance Awards 2016

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June 30, 2016

As we continue our countdown to the most hotly-contested awards ceremony in the UK insurance industry, we turn our attention to one of the awards categories.
The Young Achiever award celebrates excellence inside a company being driven from young employees who have provided a significant contribution to the continued success of a company. The five nominees for 2016 can be seen below:

Young Achiever of the Year 2016

Sally Blake – Zurich

Charlotte Eggleton – Higos Insurance Services

Yousuf Hamid – Allianz Insurance

Stephanie Ogden – Allianz Insurance

Rebecca Winderhalder – Ageas

The award allows us to take a moment to celebrate the contributions of millennials in the insurance industry. Millennials are pushing the industry to innovate and better compete in the current market. The levels of disruption within the insurance industry have reached unprecedented levels. Make sure you get a seat at the next Digital Insurance Collective to witness this for yourself.

This disruption, while being facilitated by millennial employees on the inside, is also being driven by millennial consumers on the outside. From the volume of content that this group create to their ‘always on’ expectations and changing purchasing habits, Millennials around the world are clearly one of the biggest areas of focus for consumer marketing strategies.

As a marketing agency we always look for ways that brands can better engage their audiences. An article by Alexa Matia caught our attention as she explains how to understand this growing group in order to respond to their disruptive behaviour in order to increase brand loyalty:

“Millennials, and most consumers, trust companies that produce content and advertisements that feel authentic.”

So perfect those natural looking smiles, and get ready to pen a blog following your award win! Best of luck to all nominees for the BIA’s 2016, but whoever the winner of the young achiever award is on Wednesday, we can safely say that millennials will have a huge part to play in the future on insurance.

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