Content Marketing & Social Media
Tell stories that demand attention


Marketing in the digital age is more complex than ever. Teams require a much wider list of skills, making it harder to know how to structure and resource internal teams, how marketing interacts with other business functions, and how to merge the ‘digital’ and ‘traditional’ activities.

Content marketing can drive genuine interest in a brand’s products and services. The key to successful content marketing is in good storytelling, with clear objectives and high production values, distributed via the channels and formats your target audiences use.


“Content marketing is like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second one.”

David Beebe, VP of Global Creative & Content Marketing at Marriott International


Social media continues to offer a direct and cost-effective method of content distribution and audience engagement; but we know first-hand just how complex it can be, especially for brands operating in regulated sectors.

Our framework ensures your content and social media marketing have a defined strategy that informs what you produce and how to use the available corporate communications and marketing channels. We can take on as much responsibility for the creation and implementation as you need, while making sure your resources are used in the best way, meaning you can demonstrate real value from your efforts.

Introducing…. CONNECT



Supporting clients, Connect identifies and drives the thinking and ideas behind our development of timely, interesting, and thought-provoking content.

Using a variety of sophisticated tools and with the oversight of editors and copywriters, as well as listening to key market segments, we constantly research traditional and online media to understand fully what is causing concern and driving debate amongst brokers, customers, and opinion-formers.

We draw together all the strands needed to share the ideas – from a simple infographic to a detailed report, from primary research to social listening, and from a news release to a filmed interview. Each element is supported with ongoing analysis and reporting to ensure optimum results.


The strength of a brand is not just in how it looks but what it produces and how it engages with its customers and prospects. Contact us to learn more about how we help brands across insurance and reinsurance, financial services and banking sectors produce and implement content marketing and social media strategies that drive measurable results.