Our top 5 social media marketing tricks to avoid a fright

Digital Marketing

October 29, 2021

There’s no better day than today to share with you our top 5 social media marketing tricks. Your social media strategy needs to be carefully considered to ensure you get the most out of it. When it comes to reaching goals and getting results, you need to be willing to try new trends and activities to add variety to your approach and find out what works best.

Once you’ve applied these tricks…we are sure you will gain a treat!

1. Don’t be a ghost
Halloween is the only exception where you can be a ghost… Other than that, make sure your social media channels are active and consistently engaging. Engaging shows support and willingness to help your customers with their queries, which results in positive feedback and customer loyalty. Comment back, like posts, retweet, and share, as engaging with your customers and followers is the key to a successful social media channel and helps to generate the most success.

2. Trying new trends isn’t as scary as you think
It’s important to stay up-to-date and on trend with the ever-changing approach to social media and content marketing. With the competition of other organisations within the Financial Services Sector, you don’t want to fall behind and lose out on business because you aren’t utilising your full repertoire of content tools as much as possible. There are a wide variety of ways you can get your business messages out there. Whether it’s through video, animations, infographics, or even podcasts. Jumping on a new trend could massively impact your results, while also making your content look impressive and stand out.

3. Not Zombies, Humans!
An easy yet effective trick to improve your content marketing is to use humans. Make your brand a reality of what your company does and who is in it. Stock socials can still be used, but give your company a more friendly, human style. Include photos of the team on your website, or on your social posts, write blog posts about your employees, or even do guest blogging. Showcasing the faces within your company makes it feel more relatable and personal to your customers and followers. It’s also debated that using photo/videos of people increase engagement compared to a stock visual.

4. Produce wicked reports
You may view reporting as a long-winded, time-consuming job, but reports are the way forward! Being able to track and look back on previous campaigns, or months of work, allows you to figure out what works best for your business and where you could improve. As social media and websites develop further each year, reporting your progress can help you to discover new ways to improve your marketing. What is the point of putting maximum effort into your marketing, if you don’t check regularly how it’s performing?

5. Paid activity to make you broom
With millions of organic social content going out each day, you need to stand out and find a way to push through the crowd. Paid activity is a way to reach people outside of your company and following. There are plenty of ways to use paid activity, whether it’s through LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google. Even though organic activity is always going to be helpful in keeping your marketing strategies active, promoting content will get you to your goals much easier and quicker.


We don’t want you to be frightened of our top 5 tricks…we can help you! Get in touch with us today to find out how we can support your marketing ideas and goals: [email protected]