Our survey says: The most popular social media platform is…

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August 3, 2021

For Social Media Day 2021, we published a poll asking our followers on Twitter and LinkedIn which social media platform they use most. The winner from both polls was…Instagram!

Over half (60%) of our followers on Twitter and just under half (45%) from LinkedIn voted for Instagram as their most used social media platform. It’s interesting to see Instagram as the winner since Facebook is the most used platform across the world and has been for many years running. While Hootsuite and We Are Social’s Global State of Digital 2021 report shows Facebook as the most used platform, for our followers it is in fact the least used platform!

While admittedly not the most robust sample, could our poll results indicate that Instagram may be the upcoming most used platform, taking over Facebook’s throne?

The trends seen in our results could be influenced by various factors. One worth noting is that the older generation (60+) tend to use Facebook exclusively with no other social media accounts, therefore would have been less likely to see and vote on our poll on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Another insight gained from these polls is that, beside Instagram being the winner in both, the social media platform the poll was posted on directly impacted the results. As shown below, the polls both received the most votes for Instagram.

It is not surprising that the platform voters saw our poll on happened to also be their most-used platform, resulting in 2nd place going to LinkedIn and Twitter respectively on their specific platforms.

Each year, as we stay up to date with the latest social media trends and platform growth, it will be interesting to see if Instagram continues to grow, or even if Facebook slowly fades out of the top spot with another platform taking over.

Let us know what your most used platform is over on our social media!

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