I’ve spent my first day wandering around BIBA talking to people about how they feel to be back. The answers I’ve had back have been an overwhelming message of positivity. “Joy! “ they said. “Relief!” Quite frankly the optimism has been an ever-present on the first day back – it will be fascinating to see if the energy continues into Day Two.

Such was the level of interest, that some people were queuing for more than an hour just to reach registration. The line snaked around the main entrance of the Manchester Central Conference Centre and continued around the block. Not even the grey skies and constant rain could dampen the sense of anticipation ahead of the first BIBA conference in three years.

By the time the doors finally opened just after 9am, any pre-conference jitters were quickly replaced by an air of confidence, relief and excitement. After all, face to face meetings are back! Handshakes have become the order of the day.  And community – the theme of this year’s event – is evident in every quarter.

BIBA has been a massive boost for an industry that’s suffered as a result of the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. It’s once again shown the importance of personal contact and the reason why human interaction drives the insurance industry.

For Brandformula, BIBA has been one of our biggest events for years. We have designed, built and prepared 18 stands at the event.  We are also providing around the clock servicing support. And the efforts have clearly not gone unnoticed. Our clients have spoken to crowds that, at times, were 10 people deep, attracted by clever, colourful and functional designs and purposeful merchandise. We’re hoping that tomorrow is equally successful!