Learning the lessons of a successful BIBA

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May 12, 2022

The curtain is falling on the most successful BIBA conference ever. More than 6,600 brokers and deal makers squeezed through the front doors on the first day. Several thousand more came on day two. 

The key takeaway from this conference is that face-to-face meetings are back; the human touch counts for everything in the modern world of insurance and reinsurance. Many exhibitors came hoping to build contacts and meet old and new faces. They came away with so much more… in some cases business was agreed and contracts sealed. 

And as the dust starts to settle, brandformula is already turning its attention to the next major convention on the agenda: Airmic.  It’s being held in Liverpool from Monday 6th June. 

Now is the time to think about learning the lessons of BIBA in order to make the most of Airmic. 

Lily Johnson has spearheaded the brandformula approach to stand design, build and servicing. She’s been responsible for 18 stands on the shop floor at BIBA and is once again leading the charge at Airmic.  She says that the appearance of the stands has taken a new significance because of the sheer volume of people wanting to make personal contacts. Creating the right first impression can be the difference between securing – or missing out on – future business. Equally important is the merchandise. Offering something different or original has helped some stands to attract new contacts and clients. You can contact Lily to help create the right buzz at Airmic. 

 Video filming has proven very popular at BIBA. Exhibitors have recognised that short video messages are the best way to reach new audiences and to spread awareness, particularly on social media. Brandformula’s James Howard has organised the video unit at BIBA. The team interviewed people on their company stands, and helping to capture the colour and atmosphere of the entire event. James will once again be organising the filming schedule at Airmic, where brandformula is the provider of the official Airmic TV. Many exhibitors have already secured their filming slots,  but a handful remain, particularly on day two. Please contact James to discuss your requirements.