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October 28, 2015

Craig: That they can’t control the conversation online
What if people tweet something negative about us? Can we risk inviting people to leave critical comments on LinkedIn? These are very real fears for our clients when it comes to launching a digital presence, but the reality is:

a) The nature of social media means that, if people have bad things to say about you/your brand, they can and will say them online, regardless of whether or not you have a presence

b) Actively having a presence on the relevant channels rather than avoiding them will allow you to spot and solve any issues that may arise much faster and more effectively.
So, what tips can we offer to help manage this process?

    1. Active listening tools
      Social media listening is an essential part of online reputation management and the best way to stay on top of any conversations taking place online involving you. Tools such as Hootsuite allow you to set up lists which track keywords, such as your company name, to easily monitor any comments being posted about you as soon as they go live. This means you can very quickly take control of the conversation

    3. Content strategy
      Content marketing is the way forward, and what better way to control what’s being said about you online than to plan your own consistent and compelling story about your brand? Creating and implementing a content strategy means cultivating a real awareness of what the content being created says about your organisation, allowing you to better shape the inherent message and to plan for any potential crises.

    5. Social media policies & procedures
      We’ve tackled how to control the external online conversation, but what about controlling your staff’s conversations online? This is where policies and procedures come in. Have a guideline in place to outline what is and is not acceptable for your employees to be posting online, both from a personal perspective and in connection with the company.


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