A guide to AV Content

Brand Strategy, Events and Exhibitions

March 9, 2018

AV Content is taking over at events and exhibitions. When done well, it’s highly engaging and extremely effective at communicating a brand’s key messages. When done badly, it’s off-putting and uninviting.

So, where do you start? The key is in organising it before it’s too late and avoiding any amateur attempts at making it work.

Follow our quick guide below…

Don’t be Dull

A simple PowerPoint can be the answer, but make it work hard for you. Don’t be lazy with it; this will do more harm than good.

Instant Impact

Making an impact is essential: it really is like advertising. Get your message across quickly – it isn’t a feature film.

Think Visualisation

Whether it’s an animation or an infographic, be different with your content and the way that you use it. Stand out!

Lights, camera, action

Film might be the answer too: High impact, high resolution, but not high cost.

Sharing is caring

Think about how it can be used beyond the event itself. Make it relevant to audiences not attending, or for sharing post-event.

Above all, remember, AV Content is there to help engage… not to replace…

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