Things not to forget for exhibitors

Brand Strategy, Events and Exhibitions

April 27, 2018

Written by Eric Sanchez, Account Director

The amount of time and effort dedicated to delivering a successful stand for our clients is usually underestimated, especially considering we are “building” a temporary 3D structure for a limited period of time.

As a first-time exhibitor, the whole process can be overwhelming, so I’ve created a checklist of things to consider once your stand has been designed and agreed upon:

  • Has the stand design been approved by the venue’s authorities? Remember to check with your contractor if the technical plans, Health and Safety, Risk and Method files have been submitted for approval.
  • Electric power: highly important but easy to overlook – it’s a basic need to have lighting and power on your stand!
  • Internet: nowadays, most conference venues offer a free Wi-Fi connection. However, if you are planning to showcase your services through demonstrations using iPads or touch screens, make sure you order a private network.
  • Catering: are you planning to host a drinks reception on your stand? Don’t forget to order the basics such as cocktail napkins, plates, and an ice bucket – no one likes warm beer or champagne!
  • Graphics: usually, the stand space is limited and there is so much we want to say. My advice: less is more! We should always remember that the stand structure is there to support and represent the company but never to sell.
  • AV content: this is often forgotten… and a last-minute PowerPoint is created.  Please remember that content is key and it should be given the same importance as the rest of the assets. See our recent AV content guide for more detail.

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