Getting the most from exhibitions

Brand Strategy, Events and Exhibitions

March 7, 2018

As we spring into March and the onset of the trade shows, events and exhibitions traditionally held in the Spring, I thought that it would be a great time to share with you a service that we launched last year with great success.

Our Exhibition Installation Service is designed to make life easier for clients who ‘just don’t have the time to…’, helping them to organise and arrange for the installation of those small events that happen away from the normal ‘event’ spaces that we have become familiar with – such as Manchester Central.

Getting someone that isn’t always familiar with setting up these so called ‘easy to build’ pop-up exhibition systems can often prove to be hugely stressful for everyone – from the marketing/event manager to the individual tasked with doing the job! Which piece goes where? I can’t find the instructions…and where are the lights? Do we have a power cable…And, if everything gets built in the right way, the right way up and with no breakages for the opening of the event, we all know how, too easily in the desire to get home, things aren’t always packed away with the same level of care! Items lost, items damaged – and many a system consigned to the rubbish bin.

Taking away all of this tension and hassle, in 2017, we started to offer clients a dedicated service that, for a small spend, allows our team to set everything up. Exactly as planned and with the utmost care, for the opening of the event and then with the same level of attention to detail, return the items after the close. In addition, we will also store the items between the shows at no extra cost. It really is as simple as that, allowing sales teams, underwriting and product teams to focus on what they have to do and are good at, and not asking them to ‘boldly go…’ to a place that they just hate!

So, if you’re tired of replacing exhibition components at every event, tired of the complaints and the last minute panic calls from the onsite team, it might just be worth you having a look at the attached – we’re here to help, so please just give us a call or drop me an email [email protected].