Team Digital’s must do traditions on Christmas day

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December 20, 2021

As the big day gets closer and closer, our digital team has shared their Christmas Day traditions and what they get up to each year.

Georgia A tradition of mine is to always have chocolate, normally some chocolate coins, for breakfast…what better way is there to start Christmas Day? Once everyone is awake, we then open our stocking presents while the Turkey is cooking away! 

As a family, we will always spend Christmas Day evening playing games, whether that’s a card game or getting out the Wii for a bit of bowling or Mario Kart. It never gets old trying to hold the reign of the Wii bowling champion…

Jake Once we’re up we usually take our stockings downstairs and have a nice big cup of tea, then after we’ve got our bearings, we start opening stocking presents and put on either classic Christmas music or something decent on TV as background noise. 

After stockings we usually try out our presents, maybe slip into some cosy new jammies, or play a game for a bit while we have pigs in blankets and other Christmas appetisers. After a few hours or so, we sit down for Christmas dinner/lunch – Turkey, roasties, carrot and swede, Yorkshire puddings, cauliflower cheese, sprouts – the whole shebang. 

Once dinner/lunch is done, we usually veg out on the couch, continue to hit the Prosecco, and then open presents from under the tree. We normally stick a good film on, something new that came out that year or something we’ve not yet seen. Later we stick the Christmas pud on and see what’s on TV, then before you know it it’s all over!

MollieMy family spend ‘Christmas Week’ outside of London, in the Forest of Dean! We started this tradition around 15 years ago, after realising my growing family couldn’t squeeze in to one room for Christmas Dinner (in context, my mum is one of 9 siblings…). 

There are around 10 cottages in a cold-a-sac, where we all stay with our immediate family, but pop in and out of other cottages. My Christmas morning usually starts off with a Mimosa and present opening, followed by a big breakfast. After breakfast and present opening, my whole family get together for a long walk through the Forest of Dean (while Roast is cooking). When dinner is over, all the family get together for games, chocolate, music, and Secret Santa.  

ElliotEvery Christmas I go back to my family’s home and spend it with them. My Christmas Day is normally quite chilled and is also focused on the main event…the food. Most of the day is spent enjoying all the different types of food my mum buys, especially the king prawn spread in the evening! 


We hope you have an amazing Christmas break! Do you have any Christmas Day traditions? Let us know and tag us with @brandformula_uk on Twitter and @brandformula on Instagram and LinkedIn.