Social Media Day – How we are maximising social media

Social media

June 30, 2023

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become essential for businesses to connect with their audience, build brand awareness, and drive that all-important ‘engagement.’ As we commemorate Social Media Day, we’d like to take a moment to look back on some of the successes we have achieved through our social media campaigns, both internally and for clients.  

Considering the industry, we primarily work in (Financial Services), LinkedIn is a key social media platform for our clients and has only grown in importance during the last 5 years. When it comes to benchmarking success, things like reaching a total of 10,000 followers on our clients’ LinkedIn accounts signifies a moment of triumph, as it highlights their growing influence within their industry and their ability to connect with professionals who are interested in their brand. It’s a testament to years of consistent effort in formulating and executing a comprehensive LinkedIn strategy. But beyond such metrics as followers, we at brandformula like to look deeper, and consider how average engagement rates have changed, which ads are delivering the lowest CPCs and use these insights to enable identify and adapt our content and campaigns – to ensure we’re delivering real value to our clients.  

Mini case study #1:  

When working with a client recently to promote their upcoming event, we set out to increase the follower base. The objective was to achieve a 5% increase. However, we surpassed our expectations (and theirs) by attaining an outstanding 18% increase in followers. This remarkable growth can be attributed to working with our clients to produce engaging content, showcasing their relevant industry insights, and creating personalised interactions with the audience. 

Mini case study #2:  

Not only this, another recent campaign aimed to drive event registrations. We managed to drive 44% more registrations than our initial goal – a remarkable achievement (even if we do say so ourselves)! Through the variation of LinkedIn organic and paid socials, such as animations, carousels, and static images, this outcome demonstrates the effectiveness of our social media strategies in motivating the audience to take action. 

Track Stats, Adapt & Experiment 

As mentioned, LinkedIn engagement rates are a key metric we monitor closely, and our efforts have yielded exceptional results. Vanity metrics often distract from the real value of a campaign. Posts that we draft and publish across our own page, achieve an average engagement rate of 12.61%, surpassing the average engagement rate of 2% for the Financial Services industry.  

We experimented with carousel posts on LinkedIn. Our Earth Day carousel post, with its visually compelling storytelling, achieved an incredible 51.55% engagement rate. This exemplifies the power of visual storytelling and the impact of social media for businesses cannot be understated, as it opens up a world of opportunities and, when managed proactively with a clear strategy, propels brands towards success.  

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