How much value does social media bring to the B2B space?

Social media

June 30, 2022

We live in a generation where most people now have at least one social media account, whether that’s Facebook, Instagram or TikTok to name but three.

Not only people, but companies too. It’s very rare to come across a company without a social media presence. We all know that social media is one of the main ways to reach your target audience, gain new customers, and promote your business.

The team here at brandformula, work with a variety of clients in the financial services world, meaning we take part in many different social media, ideas and campaigns.  It gives our company, a wide insight into what works well and how we can get the best out of our clients needs.

Georgia, our Digital Marketing Executive from the digital team works predominantly on social media. “For me, the most valued part of social media is the audience you can reach. It’s pretty impressive that you can make a single post on LinkedIn that could reach hundreds or thousands of other users. It gives you a real opportunity, when executed in the right way, to raise awareness and gain interest in your business.”

Mollie, our Digital Marketing Executive, explained how social media helps to put a face and personality to your brand. “People will have a hard time connecting with your business if they don’t know the people behind it. In fact, a Sprout Social study found 72% of people feel more connected to a brand when employees use social media to share information.”

Oskar, our Senior Account Executive found that social media holds great sway in building your brand identity and allowing it to resonate with people. “It’s a great way to communicate messages daily to your audience through the content they already engage with, and when it’s done right it can be authentic, insightful and entertaining.”

Many businesses feel daunted by social media but it doesn’t have to be the case. At brandformula, we don’t believe it’s a science. We don’t talk about “gaming the algorithms”. We believe it’s just about packaging and presenting who you are and what you do in a format that feels comfortable, and that gives you the best chance to engage with your audience.

But choosing the right channel can be daunting.  There are so many, and it’s a question that Craig, our Chief Growth Officer has to answer frequently. “We often get asked about particular platforms.  For example, ‘Do we need to be on TikTok? What should we post? How will I know if it’s working?’ We say ‘When you use the right channels, in the right way you can reach the right audience! The art is to produce quality and original content that presents you in the best light and to cut through the noise with a mix of organic and promoted activity.”

Interactivity works well on social media.  In fact, we’ve created a poll about what engages and provides the cut through.  You can find the poll here.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, would like further information about understanding the metrics or are just interested in talking through the latest trends in financial services marketing, get in touch here.