Navigating 2024: Insights and Inspirations from the brandformula team

Brand Engagement

January 23, 2024

2024 has arrived! A new year is about change.  Throwing off old and bad habits, and embracing something with promise and ambition. 

But in 2024, the ambition and promise of a new age are tempered with continuing uncertainty in the financial and political worlds, and by international crises which look likely to expand before they contract. 

For Martin Wiggins, brandformula’s Managing Director, these competing and contrary risks also present the market with a unique opportunity “to support, innovate and secure”. 

He foresees political upheaval, with general elections on both sides of the Atlantic.  But he also pinpoints continued tensions in the Middle and Far East as stories that are likely to impact the markets, supply chains and shake a sense of global security.  “Of course Climate Change pressures and the pace of demand for change are increasing,” he says.  “And sitting across all of these remains Cyber and the understanding of the impact and scale of losses.”

Against a backdrop of competing noise, it’s becoming increasingly important to find the right message that can appeal to your audience above the hubbub.

It’s a thought not missed by brandformula’s Business Development Director, Rob Hughes.  “I’m excited to see how the recent entrants to the Insurtech market evolve as 2024 progresses. I’m excited to show clients what can be achieved through effective marketing!”

It’s a theme echoed by Craig Freeman, brandformula’s Chief Growth Officer.  “Brand storytelling will have to balance authenticity with aspiration to win audiences round this year. Once you know who you are it’s much easier to evaluate what you should say, what it should sound like and what you should look like.”

Of course, messaging is more than just choosing the right words, or the right imagery or even the right broadcast platform.  It’s about combining these elements, adding new understanding and industry insight. 

Creative Services Director, Nick Patchitt, has seen firsthand how brands are constantly changing and evolving. “I noticed some more brave application of brands in 2023 and expect even more flexible and exciting application of brands in 2024 – more animation, movement, flexibility across ever more varied media forms.”

AI has become something of a watchword of late.  There have been well-publicised stories about the negative impact posed by cyber advances.  But AI also brings new innovations which can assist in style and storytelling.   

“We are all exploring this field.  There will be a push for tailored and personalised engagement and the continued exploration and harnessing of the power of AI, “ says Creative Director Owen Moralee.  “I think we will see the continued development of motion design as brands aim for distinctiveness and dynamic approaches to convey messaging.”

Of course, 2024 will also make use of the tried and tested ways to reach a new and prospective audiences.  It’s very important to not underestimate the power of the human touch.

Exhibitions and conferences provide the most obvious chance for face-to-face meetings.  So using these events productively can really assist in your overall brand strategy.  Account Director, Lily Johnson is always seeking new ways to help clients break the ice with their customers.  “Digital engagement is the perfect way to educate, inform and reinforce your brand reputation. We’re seeing a big shift in showcasing this through on-stand gamification, large LED screens and touchscreens. It’s a way to attract and engage attendees who may not know your brand, and your story.”

Video too remains a powerful tool, enabling companies to speak directly to their client base and other interested parties.  Films don’t need big budgets to gain traction.  Mark Dighe is brandformula’s Video Director.  “This medium can unlock the power of engagement, captivate your audience, tell your story, and help you stay ahead” he says.

The digital landscape is likely to see further development during 2024.  In an arena where new platforms launch on a weekly basis, identifying the wheat from the chaff is no mean feat.  Our digital team, lead by Elliot Krieger is ready to create effective social media campaigns during 2024.   “By applying the ‘Hum, Sing, Shout’ strategy to your comms plans it can help ensure you are driving your core messaging pillars with focused ‘hype’ targeted campaigns to maximise the efforts towards your desired audiences,” he says.

At brandformula, marketing is in our DNA.  We recognise that marketing is not a unique science – there are many ways to achieve an aim.  Whether you’re an established business or a new entrant, finding the agency with the insight, experience and know-how can mean the difference between a successful campaign and a near miss. Contact brandformula today to learn how we can help you achieve your promise and ambition in 2024!