Making more impact with podcasts

Brand Engagement

September 26, 2023

Podcasting has become an industry. There are millions of podcasts covering every aspect of our daily working lives, home lives and social lives. Thousands of new ones are being uploaded on a daily basis. In part that is because everyone has a story to tell. But new technology – particularly mobile phones – has provided everyone with the means of manufacture. And social media has provided a means for publishing.  So, what are the best ways to allow your voice to be heard?

Here are some ideas: 

1. Talk about what you know

Although it sounds obvious, choosing a topic you like talking about is the essence of podcasting. It not only helps you produce engaging content, but it also is a key factor in consistently creating new episodes for your audience to enjoy. Part of this entails knowing who your audience is. If you can provide content of interest to them, they are more likely to engage.

2. Tell stories

Everyone loves a story, or a yarn or an anecdote. The best raconteurs make a virtue of them. They connect with your audience because your audience can understand them (often far more easily than complex technical arguments). That said, do also stay on target by following a script or notes so that you don’t lose sight of the primary point you are making. Also, be prepared to bring in guest contributors. It’s important to have extra voices, insights and opinions. Not only does it create more interest for the listener, but it will also take the pressure off you to keep the conversation going! Even though you’ll have interesting talking points prepared, avoid simply reading questions off a list. Instead, listen carefully to your guest’s comments then ask follow-up questions or chime in with your interesting anecdotes.

3. Make your audio perfect

This should go without saying, but people don’t engage with poor-sounding audio. It’s distracting, unsettling, and gives a new listener a very easy reason to stop tuning in. Perfect your recordings with proper equipment and decent (preferably high-quality) recordings. It’s almost always better to do recordings face-to-face rather than across a video conference.

4.  How to find out more

You can’t cover everything in a single conversation, but your listeners may still have questions about the topic or issue you covered. The most engaging podcast content helps readers explore further and gives them ways to learn more.

5. Be yourself

Last, but by no means least. The most important tip is to be yourself! An exaggerated or embellished personality often comes across as false. It’s far better to be yourself because you’ll come across as engaged, enthused and authentic.