AirmicTV- The future is now!

Brand Engagement

February 8, 2018

We are delighted to announce that we will once again be producing Airmic’s official TV channel to support their 2018 Conference.

We always love speaking to the frontline practitioners there, hearing about what they see as the real opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.

With the theme The Future is Now, this year should be really interesting.

As Airmic says in their theming of the Conference, “We must stop talking about tomorrow’s risks: our world has already changed. Technology is developing so fast that businesses can simultaneously be disruptors and disrupted. Our profession is in transformation and we must empower our members to embrace strategic opportunities, adapt their skillset and achieve operational excellence.

In short, our members must become leaders in risk – not in the future, but starting now.”

A plethora of new businesses are starting that are harnessing technology in a way that has moved it out from the science lab on to the desks of businesses’ delivery strategies, enabling them to embrace it as a pure solution, the so-called SaaS (software as a solution). In short, the only limits of technology are now the boundaries of one’s imagination. As Airmic concludes, it and its members must recognise this and embrace technology today to transform how they remain as the leaders in risk.

It will be fascinating therefore to hear how experts across all disciplines are adopting this philosophy. In our own small way, we will be bringing some new technology to the Conference that will bring a really new experience to our broadcasts… but more of that nearer the time!

We hope all your own Conference planning is going well and, as per usual, we will be helping attendees produce their own film and photography memories. If you would like to hear how we could help you then do get in touch at [email protected]