Visualising with infographics; how they can add value to your content marketing

Content Marketing

November 8, 2021

Infographics have become more and more popular over time, even with the constant development of content and design. They’re a graphic which includes information or data – hence the name ‘infographic’. Sometimes when we look at information or data, it can be uninteresting, long-winded and confusing to understand…

However, with the help of displaying it in the style of an infographic, it makes it easier to absorb the information and allows it to stand out compared to other brands, encouraging people to want to engage with it. They’re formed of striking, eye catching visuals to communicate the information, which highlights the core components of information or data you want to get across, making it quicker to read and take in. They can include graphs to show data, icons to explain topics and various types of typography.

So, how can infographics help upgrade your content marketing? Instead of always using static images or dull graphs, infographics add a different style to your content and can help increase the value of it. They’re appealing to look at, can relate to your brand via fonts and colours, and allow people to understand information or data in a clearer way.

Due to the attention grabbing look, including infographics on your social media channels can help improve your post’s engagement through likes, comments and shares, which are important factors to consider in your marketing strategies when producing content. With the social media timelines being a crowded place with both organic and paid content being published from organisations across the globe, you want to make your content stand out, cut through the noise and ensure it looks good against your competitors.

Even though social media channels are a key place to share your infographics, it isn’t the only way to showcase them. You can include infographics within your blog posts, or create them as a video/animation. Including an infographic within a blog can cut down the amount of text, making it more captivating to read, as opposed to a page full of text and numbers.

Here at brandformula, we offer a complete range of infographic styles to help you tell your story, show off your data and get across key information. We are with you every step of your infographic journey – from concept to production. You can even see examples of our infographic work in this presentation here or watch our video above that enlightens you on some impressive statistics regarding infographics!

Get in touch with our creative team to find out more on how we can help create infographics for you: [email protected]