This or That: A glimpse into some of our team’s preferences on WFH vs the City

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June 30, 2021

As we begin to contemplate a return to working in the office, we’re interested in how everyone’s WFH experience over the last 15 months has been. In this two-part* group discussion, we caught up with various members of the brandformula family to learn a bit more about how they have found this surreal situation we have all been in…

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The chat below features insights from:

🔴 Martin Wiggins, CEO
🟢 Carl Eastop, Operations Director
🟠 Nick Patchitt, Creative Services Director
🟡 Sarah Bean, Account Director
🟣 Helena Martin, Content Manager

Do you prefer…

  • Coffee @ home or coffee @ the office?

🔴 Martin: All coffee is good – especially with the cost of my machine at home!
🟢 Carl:
Don’t drink too much coffee so home is fine for me.
🟠 Nick:
From a taste perspective, probably a home coffee… brandformula coffee can be industrial strength at time (especially if Neil makes it – sorry Neil!)
🟣 Helena:
Neither! I don’t drink coffee or normal tea, but I am missing having a surprise green tea delivered to my desk by Elliot/Jake/Carl!
🟡 Sarah:
Don’t drink coffee so tea at home where I’m lucky enough to look over the river!

  • Lunches @ home or lunches @ the office?

🔴 Martin: Office.
🟢 Carl:  
Both usually spent working at desk so doesn’t matter!
🟠 Nick: The office – I’m eating like Henry VIII at home – too much food to hand!
🟣 Helena:
The office – lacking lunch inspiration at home!
🟡 Sarah:
Love the range of coffee shops in The City, hope they are still there so @ the office.

  • Audio calls or video calls?

🔴 Martin: Video.
🟢 Carl:
Video calls.
🟠 Nick: Video.
🟣 Helena:
Pre-pandemic I would have said audio but now I’m 100% video – it’s so much easier to engage in the conversation when you can see each other’s reactions.
🟡 Sarah:
Video so I can at least see people!

  • Zoom or Teams?

🔴 Martin: Teams.
🟢 Carl:
🟠 Nick: Teams.
🟣 Helena:
Teams for general conference calls, Zoom for recording content.
🟡 Sarah: Teams, got rather used to use it now.

  • Physical events or virtual events?

🔴 Martin: Physical.
🟢 Carl:
Physical, but I’ve not missed the hard graft setting up!
🟠 Nick: Physical.
🟣 Helena:
There’s nothing like the atmosphere at a busy conference centre. Less freebies at virtual events too…!
🟡 Sarah: Physical, love bumping into people and catching up.

  • Meetings in person or meetings online?

🔴 Martin: In person.
🟢 Carl:
In person.
🟠 Nick: As some of the clients I work for are based in the US, a face-to-face in New York would be nice. In general, a good split of face-to-face and online calls would be ideal. It will also be interesting to see how Teams calls work with a mix of people at home and in offices.
🟣 Helena:
I’d love a mix of both going forwards dependent on the scope of the meeting, but interactivity in person will always beat online.
🟡 Sarah:
In person, much more fun.

  • Wfh or working in the office?

🔴 Martin: Office.
🟢 Carl:
A mixture of both going forward would be perfect.
🟠 Nick: WFH when I need peace and quiet to concentrate and in the office for meetings, planning sessions, brainstorms etc.
🟣 Helena:
This is tough! I think many people have reached the idea that a hybrid would be desirable. I’d love a bit of both but I’m certainly longing/hoping for the day we can feel totally safe commuting in and all working together at the office.
🟡 Sarah:
Wfh for the work – less distractions – and in the office for meeting people.


During lockdown, have you been…

  • Cherishing time with your family or itching for time with your colleagues?

🔴 Martin: Clients and colleagues.
🟢 Carl:
Nice to have extra time at home, but working as usual!
🟠 Nick: Both.
🟣 Helena:
Cherishing time with family throughout but as time has gone on, the craving for time with colleagues has definitely grown.
🟡 Sarah:
Cherishing time with family – I enjoyed have time with them.

  • Loving the extra morning and evening time at home or missing the commute?

🔴 Martin: Missing the commute – thinking time.
🟢 Carl:
Not missing the commute at all.
🟠 Nick: Absolutely not missed commuting on our less-than-reliable train service. But I have missed the simple pleasure of walking over London Bridge & through the City each day – always something happening.
🟣 Helena:
My commute was my time to bulk reply to messages from friends and family, so while I categorically do not miss the Central Line, my loved ones are probably missing me having that focused ‘reply’ time! (Apologies to my 49 unopened WhatsApp chats dating back to February…)
🟡 Sarah:
Loving the extra time – I now do couch to 5k three times a week and have seen some lovely sunrises. Didn’t have time before… at least that was my excuse.

  • Still dressing up for work or living in comfies?

🔴 Martin: Dressing up – standards!
🟢 Carl:
We don’t dress up anyway, but certainly not sitting in pyjamas!
🟠 Nick: Not that I ever ‘dressed up’ for work but I still dress like I would for work – for some reason it helps me get in a working frame of mind. So, no ‘onesies’ or Bermuda shorts for me.
🟣 Helena:
Depends on how many Teams calls I have in the calendar…
🟡 Sarah:
Top dressed for work, below the laptop a bit more comfortable.

  • Doing less exercise or more exercise than pre-Covid?

🔴 Martin: More.
🟢 Carl:
Definitely walking more.
🟠 Nick: More dedicated exercise but probably less over the course of a week walking to and from stations.
🟣 Helena:
Up and down but probably less overall.
🟡 Sarah:
Much more and actually enjoying it.

  • Saving more money or spending more money?

🔴 Martin: Spending.
🟢 Carl:
Saving money overall on lunches and trains, but it still seems to be going just as fast!
🟠 Nick: Saving during deep Lockdown and spending big time now restaurants and pubs are open again.
🟣 Helena:
Saving on commute and meals out but managing to keep my local takeaways in business!
🟡 Sarah:
Saving money on the commute for sure.

  • Nervous or excited for returning to work?

🔴 Martin: Excited.
🟢 Carl:
Definitely not nervous, have travelled in a fair bit to check on the office during the pandemic.
Can’t say ‘excited’ is the word either though!
🟠 Nick: Nervously excited.
🟣 Helena:
A bit of both!
🟡 Sarah:
Excited to see everyone, and a bit nervous about the ‘new norm’.


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